Modern web applications map your company’s processes on the Internet and can be controlled efficiently and effectively by you and your employees. Access-secured and platform-independent, these practical web applications grow as needed. Secure this competitive advantage now.

Digitization via the web application

Our working world is changing dramatically. With a notebook, smartphone & Co . your employees must be in contact with operational information and processes at all times and everywhere to act and intervene quickly. Digitization through web applications enables a significant increase in the efficiency of all processes in your company in many areas. This is best expressed in the use of solutions that are available on all devices at the same time and enable intuitive use.

Make web applications work for you.

We develop individual web applications for your company. These small web applications solve many tasks in your company effortlessly and without complex installations. With many years of expertise and excellent references in the field of web development for companies, we analyze your needs precisely and program suitable applications professionally and efficiently. Our solutions focus on security, design (UI), and user experience (UX). Your specifications are implemented securely, inexpensively, and purposefully in Python. Contact us and let us advise you on tailor-made solutions without obligation.

Always and everywhere available without installation

A modern web application from operation does not require any installation. The time-consuming and costly software maintenance on different systems is no longer necessary. You call up the web-based applications anytime and anywhere using a browser, for example, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Your application is available on different devices and operating systems, regardless of the platform.

Security, stability, and the best possible UX

We focus on security, stability, and ease of use. Only clearly authenticated persons have access. The web applications run stably and are crash-proof at all times. Complex processes are visualized simply and straightforwardly for the user. Expensive introductory seminars are no longer necessary. Objective and measurable added value is created for your company in a short time with comparatively little effort.

Python web application

Due to its architecture, the programming language Python creates a high degree of flexibility and security. An individual web application is provided centrally via a web server. This simplifies the maintenance of the software. Updates and further developments can be rolled out promptly and uncomplicated. Your employees are excited about new features and functions without noticing the update.

When is a web application the right choice?

Your new web application – developed classically or agilely!

We have two different approaches available for the realization of your development orders. Both differ in principle and offer certain advantages depending on the company structure. We would happily contact you to help you choose the best method.

Classic development method

In the classic form of developing a web application with Python, we define your goals and requirements together at the beginning of the project. The implementation of the fixed application features is then carried out along a precise schedule. Only after the successful feature implementation does the realization of a downstream functionality begin.

A spontaneous, subsequent change to the requirements is impossible until the agreed technical features have been implemented. The advantage of this approach is planning security. This plays a significant role, for example, for corporations with defined hierarchical levels. Thanks to precise planning and subsequent systematic implementation of the project steps, the costs and the quality of the end product are visible to the decision-maker right from the start.

Agile development method

As part of the implementation, do you need the opportunity to quickly adapt your requirements to changing circumstances? Or do you often find yourself confronted with unpredictable variables in everyday business? Then it would help if you considered agile software development to implement your web application.

The most significant advantage of this development variant is unrestricted flexibility. Thanks to the realization of features in step-by-step approaches throughout the project, we can immediately respond to sudden changes. This iterative approach in so-called sprints makes it possible to quickly uncover weaknesses, incompleteness, or errors and to rectify them without great effort. Short planning and development phases alternate with each other. The implementation takes place in constant contact and close cooperation with you. This not only saves time overall but also costs.

The conceptual effort at the beginning of the web project is therefore limited compared to the classic method since no long-term plan is created, but only short iterations are outlined and timed. The specification takes place successively during the implementation. The effectiveness of various decision-making steps and the return on investment can already be seen during the project.

Web applications from Shaz Tech – are simply perfect

The opera company has stood for high development and code quality for many years. We vouch for maximum customer satisfaction with technically flawless implementation. As I said, we attach great importance to a thoroughly positive user experience. With our professionalism, we ensure transparency throughout the entire course of the project.

Modern development processes

Our development processes run with automated tests and continuous integration. This means that the new features and functions, as well as changes and bug fixes, are already checked and tested during implementation. Without any unexpected complications, they are then rolled out entirely without any problems and at the same time.

Analytical know-how

We have first-class expertise in analyzing processes. We are happy to work hand in hand with external consultants who work to optimize operations in your company.

user experience

The user is our focus. After all, every individual application, every function, and every detail should be operated by people from your company. Your application is tested by real users and made for real users.

Web application design

A modern, contemporary design is the cornerstone for the acceptance of software. Outstanding functionality is essential. However, it is even better if it is beautiful to look at and pleasant to operate.

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Our FAQs for you

Frequently asked questions and answers.

How much does a web application cost?

The costs for individual web applications always depend on the requirements and functions of the customer’s new application. At operation, software of this quality starts at around 25,000 euros. This includes project management and comprehensive requirements analysis. We develop ourselves in UAE near Dubai. This ensures high code quality and pays off for you in the long term. We will be happy to send you relevant references upon contact and on request.

What does web application mean?

An individual web application is the development of a web-based application. It is software available in a browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox), platform-independent, access-secured, and without complex installation.

What is web engineering?

Web engineering is the well-founded approach to architecture and methodology in developing modern web-based applications. It is derived from the term software engineering.

What is Python?

Python is a modern development language and, in practice, promotes a readable and concise programming style that brings clear advantages with each extension. Python is mainly used by practice-oriented scientists.

Why an individual web application at all?

Individual development provides our customers with solutions directly for their needs, and they do not buy expensive packages. At operation, we rely on frameworks that provide many functions in advance and only need to be supplemented with the individual solution for your company.

What is a framework?

An individual web application consists of numerous modules and functionsAs a construction kit, frameworks make web development easier and save time and money. As a framework for programming, frameworks often map recurring tasks that control processes such as authorizations and the connection of databases. At operation, we rely on proven open source applications that work efficiently and economically.

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