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As a well established exhibition stand company, we have in-depth knowledge and experience in designing and building exhibition stands throughout the region covering venues located Dubai, Oman, Qatar & Saudi Arabia. If you are planning to or intend to exhibit at the Dubai World Trade Centre Halls for your exhibition or event, you’ll be glad to know that we are able to support you fully with your exhibition design & build service that covers all aspects of your exhibition project. We offer a complete exhibition service from start to finish including exhibition stand design, exhibition stand build, project management solutions right through to logistics and storage for your stand.

Our far reaching expertise covers the following areas :

Exhibition Stand Design In Dubai

With our in-house team of exhibition stand designers, we are able to design your stand as per your exact specifications. Our carefully drawn out plans are designed using advanced 3D applications that allows our clients to visualize their finished exhibition stand and plan associated resources accordingly. Our designers also take into consideration your floor space and design your stand to maximize the potential of your exhibition presence. During the design presence, we send continual updates to our clients  to show work in progress so that if there are any changes or feedback, we can accommodate them much early within the exhibition stand project.

Exhibition Stand Construction & Exhibition Build In Dubai

We have our own team of craftsmen ready to construct and build your exhibition stand to the highest standards and ensure delivery & assembly at the exhibition venue on time. We have invested in state of the art machinery and with a complementing team of over 40 staff, our exhibition contractor service is fully backed.

Leaders In Dubai For Exhibition Stand Design

Dubai is considered the one of the leading countries in exhibition design and exhibition stand construction. We are regarded in the industry as providing excellent exhibition designs to many of our clients with considerable experience within the exhibitions industry. Our exhibition design service covers smaller stands and shell schemes for full on custom exhibition stands.

Exhibition Stand Contractor In Dubai

If you are looking for a professional exhibition stand contractor in Dubai that can execute your entire exhibition project from start to finish, we are the right choice exhibition stand company for you! We have a wealth of satisfied clients who are happy with our single point of contact service and attention to detail. We are happy to go the extra mile for you to ensure your exhibition stand project runs as smoothly as possible.

We are considerably more than exhibition stand designers and contractors in Dubai. As Exhibition Stand contractors, we have professional expertise in designing your exhibition stand in a 3D format which can then be translated into a fully functional and operational exhibition stand. We also offer exhibition stand transport, logistics, storage and also assistance in professionally designing and printing your marketing materials.


  1. 3D Design for Your Stand.
  2. 360 Design.
  3. Exhibition Booth & Stand Design.
  4. We Design As Per Client’s Floor Plan.
  5. We Design 1, 2, 3 & 4 Side Faces Exhibition Stand.
  6. Kiosk, Display and Small Booth Design.


  1. 100% Personalized Service.
  2. Quality Work.
  3. Well Experienced & Qualified Staff.
  4. Rapid Response.
  5. On Time Delivery.
  6. Variety.
  7. Innovation.
  8. Attractive Stand Design.


A clear and concrete advertising message is essential to realising a successful trade fair. Of course, the possibility of equipping an area of ​​several square meters with numerous contents is appealing – but less is often more. In addition, the message at the fair trade stand must be perceived and understood by visitors in just a few seconds. Therefore, what advantage your products or services offer or what unique selling points they have must be formulated.


It doesn’t matter which stand area you choose; you have to attract attention with and for your exhibition stand. Whether you have a 16m² row stand or a ten m² corner stand, you must create interest for the visitors for each appearance. Elevated components such as a fair trade tower that exceeds the usual height of up to 2.50 m help, but light can also create an absolute highlight at a modest trade appearance.


A free and open stand area is essential for the advertising message to be presented in the best possible way. There are trade fair systems that do not require flat supports (these are supports attached to the fair trade stand and ensure stability but disturb the view of the advertising message) and offer a completely unobstructed view of the walls of the suitable trade stand – and are still stable. At the same time, an open stand area can be equipped much better with exhibition equipment such as tables, roll-ups or chairs.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”11416″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]


Storage space is usually scarce at a fair trade stand. Catalogues, giveaways or just the jackets of your employees often have to be accommodated. To solve this problem, some counter systems already offer the option of using the interior as storage space. However, a curtain or a door can often be used to access a small storage space behind a fair trade wall.


In addition to the design of the actual trade fair system, the proper stand area must also be designed with mobile display systems. The exhibition counter is one of the essential equipment elements, as it is the central contact point for visitors. In addition, mobile advertising spaces such as roll-ups or folding displays can be used flexibly on the stand area. Brochure stands also help you to present printed documents appealingly, just as a monitor or tablet stele is helpful to show digital elements. Check out 12 tips for your stand in the exhibition.


An attractive and understandable design is an essential basis for visitors actually to enter the exhibition stand in Dubai and all over the world. However, even more, visitors can be addressed with campaigns such as competitions, presentations, or interactive elements. Carrying out campaigns at the exhibition stand is, therefore, an essential part of your exhibition stand design and should be part of your planning right from the start

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