The exhibition stand is your company’s flagship. The effect on the exhibition visitors can decide whether you get a lot of walk-in customers or not.

Therefore, you should not lose sight of the booth design when preparing for the trade fair. At least five months before the exhibition date, it is time to start planning and organizing your trade modest stand design so that your stand will be an eye-catcher at the trade fair.

According to the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, exhibiting German companies are planning an average of four trade fair participations in Germany in 2016. This resulted from a representative survey of 500 German companies that participate in specialist trade fairs. It is essential to plan a specific budget for every trade fair. An attractive exhibition stand design is also part of it. But how can an individual concept be created for each trade fair without great additional effort?

The top 12 tips for your exhibition stand design

Who has not seen a stand at a trade fair that stood out from the rest and caught the attention of visitors? It’s not a big feat. It would help if you aimed to present yourself with a stand that attracts visitors. You can leave dull and unsightly stand concepts to your competition. With these top 12 tips for your exhibition stand design, your appearance will be a highlight.

The right location

No exhibition participant wants to be seated in the farthest corner of the hall. Most visitors are in the main aisles or central axes of the exhibition halls, which is why a stand in these places is recommended. Of course, the prerequisite for deciding on a site “in the front row” is that you have a say in the choice of location. It is also crucial whether there are certain subject areas that you can base your concept on or whether there are separate locations for more hip and traditional companies. It would help if you chose to present your company authentically. Always take into account the environment with the neighboring participants. While avoiding, it is tactically wise to select a location near other visitor magnets. You might be interested in the exhibition stand Dubai.

If possible, visit the exhibition halls in advance of the event so that you can adapt your exhibition stand design to the local lighting conditions. In addition, the location often depends on whether you opt for a row stand, corner stand, peninsula stand, or island stand. If given the opportunity to choose, choose a stall to the right of the main itineraries, as most visitors automatically look to the right. But you can also attract attention at other locations with the right strategy.

 High quality pays off.

Consider the booth as your business card. In any case, it should reflect the image of your company. For a medium-sized engineering company, it is advisable to have a professionally designed exhibition stand design that suits the company’s size. It should be avoided to make a stand yourself because this work belongs in the hands of professionals.

Be sure to use high-quality materials for the design of your exhibition stand. This looks professional, and even with frequent use, the surfaces do not appear worn out quickly. Various materials are conceivable for the stand furniture. For example, you can have your trade fair requirements printed on PVC or textile for your exhibition appearance.

 It depends on the size of the exhibition stand.

When it comes to your exhibition stand, size matters too. This does not mean that a perspective as large as possible also positively affects trade fair visitors. Imagine a colossal exhibition stand with hardly any furniture and few visitors. The impression quickly arises that the booth is empty and there is nothing to see or experience.

On the other hand, small exhibition stands can come off as if there is no money available for a larger variant. The size of the exhibition stand should also match the company. Also, orientate yourself to your direct competition; however, there is not necessarily a reason to be significantly larger. But having a substantially smaller booth than the competition isn’t the solution either. Even if you opt for a minor variant, there are tricks and tips to stand out more than your competition – after all, size isn’t everything.

 Focus on customer benefit when planning the room

When planning your stand, focus on your exhibition goals. Your stand concept should be based on your design for the trade fair. When presenting new products, the product is, of course, the absolute focal point of your stand. If you’re more interested in building your company’s image at the show, plan for open elements like a bar and plenty of seating. In any case, your stand should be inviting, and the visitors should feel comfortable. A too overloaded philosophy is just as inadvisable as an empty stand.

When planning the spatial design of your stand, focus on the benefits for customers. Active areas with product presentations and lectures should be separated from quiet areas for discussions. An important meeting with a customer cannot be held among many other trade fair visitors. When dividing up the space, you should plan space for information, advice, and presentations and consider functional areas such as a small kitchen, bar, or storage space. Use the available materials, such as exhibition walls or counters, to restrict the individual regions.

 Focus on product and motto

The design can attract attention from afar and should be well thought out. Be original, stand out, and not be like any other stand. The exhibition stand design must catch the visitor’s eye and be apparent at first glance what you are about. The products and services should therefore be immediately apparent. To get your message across, incorporate your motto or product into the booth design, always keeping in mind who you want the design to appeal to. Use your key messages in design for B2B lead generation.

The exhibition stand design should be individually tailored to your company and determined by the corporate identity. Brand colors and logos are the focus and give your stand design a recognition value. Your motto or product should always be more critical in your design than, for example, the company name. 6. Use the right colors. Don’t use bright colors to attract attention. You can only appear reputable if you think about your CI without neglecting originality. Be the eye-catcher with your company colors, which the exhibition visitors can immediately assign to your company. Incorporate funny sayings and your messages into your exhibition stand design rather than attracting attention with many different colors.

 Use of the right colors

Don’t use bright colors to attract attention. You can only appear reputable if you think about your CI without neglecting originality. Be the eye-catcher with your company colors, which the exhibition visitors can immediately assign to your company. Incorporate funny sayings and your messages into your exhibition stand design rather than attracting attention with many different colors.

 Create spaces with exhibition walls

You can spatially design your exhibition stand with various elements. Exhibition walls and counters form the basic framework for the design of your exhibition stand and can serve as room dividers, practical features, and decorative eye-catchers. At Shaz Tech, you can have your exhibition walls and counters individually printed – for the purpose you want them to fulfill.

 With the proper lighting, your visitors will see the light.

To make visiting your stand an experience, you must not neglect the light. This is how you should adapt the lighting to the objectives of your exhibition stand. If you want to present something, there must not be a lack of a bright light source, whereby the visitors must not be blinded under any circumstances. Subdued lighting is used for seating, and natural, bright light is used during consultations to ensure that the documents can be read. With illuminated pillars and signs, you confirm that and an appropriate atmosphere and an alternative presentation of the logo or the messages.

 Use interactive techniques

Various technologies are used to inform and entertain visitors. Therefore, rely on a functional design of your stand, with screens and presentations. If the visitor can try something out for themselves and, depending on their interest, get more detailed information, your frame offers added value. In addition, visitors sometimes stay longer in your mood when they find interactive elements. However, avoid overloading your mood with active ingredients.

 The significant effect of decoration

When planning your exhibition stand, you should not forget the decorative elements. It would help if you did not underestimate the effect of large vases with lush flowers. Use roll-ups, banners, and signs to match your booth design to get noticed. Banners and flags also give your stand more visibility. Has the decoration been made together with the exhibition walls and counters to have a uniform design?

 Make sure the ground is soft.

When designing your stand, make sure you have a suitable subsurface. Choose a carpet that matches the rest of the stand design. The exhibition visitors walk and stand a lot and will thank you for a soft, comfortable surface. This is another way of creating a feeling of well-being for your visitors, so they are happy to stay longer at your stand.

 Reusing your booth design

The trade fair stand design is mainly dependent on the trade fair objectives. When reusing it, you should ensure that you still pursue the same goals with the trade fair. Be sure to adapt your design accordingly. Feel free to contact the manufacturer of your last exhibition stand to implement a new strategy or make individual adjustments. Rely on the experience of the experts for your stand design. If you have the design elements created by professionals, then the possibility of reuse at other trade fairs is guaranteed.

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